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Our Services

Research And Experience Ground Our No-nonsense Approach To Helping Clients Define, Communicate And Advance Their Vision.  

Improve Internal Alignment And Build External Support For Your Vision And Your Organization's Bottom Line.

Through in-depth interviews, extensive research, and hands-on collaboration, we develop a narrative and original content specific to your needs and circumstances.

Client projects include national conferences, exclusive round-table discussions, webinars, and presentations. In support of ongoing engagements or as one-off requests, we draft or finalize speeches, opinion pieces, and short– and long-form content for internal and external audiences.



We research to enrich and enhance your speech, roundtable, or publication.

Do you have a lackluster agenda for an upcoming roundtable?  A draft of a speech or writing for publication that needs a little more “something” to have it stand out?



We draft to get you started on a speech, proposal, or writing for publication.

Do you have writer’s block and don’t want to give the writing assignment to a speech writer or ghostwriter?  We’ll pull together a document that provides references, examples, and a first draft for you to use as a starting point.



We monitor to identify opportunities for

Are you seeking the right moment to jump in with your view or critique?  Don’t have the time or resources to identify the right place or opportunity? We’ll also have research and context for the basis of a first draft.

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